Monthly Book Bucket List!!

What I Am Reading This June!

Hello everyone!

Here’s to another month in ‘What I am Reading’, how exciting! Now last month I had so much fun and I have never been more happy to get back into reading. Honestly I recommend this to anyone who is struggling to pick up a book, whether it is for the first time in years, months or first time at all, it is a good idea! Now I am not saying to start a blog in order to get back into reading, but maybe set yourself some goals, write it down, make it visible tell people so you feel the pressure of completing those books. In all this planning make sure you do not lose sight as to why you are doing this, because you love to read. Whether you read to learn, to love or to simply escape here are my monthly reads that hopefully inspire you or even show you some good new books for you to read!

  1. A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness 
  2. Girl in Pieces – Kathleen Glasgow 
  3. The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat – Oliver Sacks  

    Thank you for checking in! Make sure you stick around till the end of the month for my reviews on these books!
    Love always,

    Gracepc xxx

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    The Etiquette of Driving

    Now over the last three days my precious car and I have nearly been taken out twice. I don’t know about you but I am not to keen on the whole “dying” thing just yet. So I have decided to make this post about how not to be stupid and actually learn to drive like a sane person. I honestly don’t care if you have been driving for a week or you’ve been driving longer than you haven’t, you all need to read this!

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    Monthly Book Bucket List!!

    What I Am Reading This May 

    If there is one thing you should know about me it is that I am an absolute nerd. Now I don’t mean a wear glasses (even though I should), has a sniffly nose, is a reject of a playground nerd. I mean a wannabe nerd — I want to be like, the Rory Gilmore or the Hermione of my own life. Of course that would come down to the fact that I don’t have an influential mother like Lorelei and no supernatural ability to wave a wand and put away books (which would change my life forever). But you get the gist, I hope. If not, I WANT TO BE SMART AND BE A WIZARD Continue reading “What I Am Reading This May “


    Hello internet friends!

    How to start?

    Well to answer that question I would need to know the answer myself and if the amount of backspacing i have done in the last 10 minutes isn’t an indication of how much I don’t know than I can’t tell you what is.

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