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The Etiquette of Driving

Now over the last three days my precious car and I have nearly been taken out twice. I don’t know about you but I am not to keen on the whole “dying” thing just yet. So I have decided to make this post about how not to be stupid and actually learn to drive like a sane person. I honestly don’t care if you have been driving for a week or you’ve been driving longer than you haven’t, you all need to read this!

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Monthly Book Bucket List!!

What I Am Reading This May 

If there is one thing you should know about me it is that I am an absolute nerd. Now I don’t mean a wear glasses (even though I should), has a sniffly nose, is a reject of a playground nerd. I mean a wannabe nerd — I want to be like, the Rory Gilmore or the Hermione of my own life. Of course that would come down to the fact that I don’t have an influential mother like Lorelei and no supernatural ability to wave a wand and put away books (which would change my life forever). But you get the gist, I hope. If not, I WANT TO BE SMART AND BE A WIZARD Continue reading “What I Am Reading This May “


Hello internet friends!

How to start?

Well to answer that question I would need to know the answer myself and if the amount of backspacing i have done in the last 10 minutes isn’t an indication of how much I don’t know than I can’t tell you what is.

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